Blast from the past!

Kif Yusef just released 8 tracks, Hip Hop 101, Country Weed, My Life My Choices Feat. Natalia&Mikaela/MrBaier/Franz Mesko/Maldito Brass, One Time, South American Trill Feat. J$anti, Lights Camera Action Feat. Eloahim Ra, Santiago Smokers Feat. Mike Hee/Criz Gomez/J$anti/Mr.Baier & Babylon Soul Night Feat. Lonely/Jack Dem, in which this are records that were recorded earlier in his career with the chilean producer Eloahim Ra. After many years this song’s are being re-released in all major platforms, so you can get a piece of Kif Yusef’s journey through the music.


Kif Yusef is an up and coming Hip Hop artist from Viña Del Mar (Chile), raised in Asheville (North Carolina, USA), currently living in Bilbao (Basque Country) Spain. Kif is in the process of the release of his first single, with a promising quality sound of Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, soul & R&B that will catch the attention of the world…

What’s so powerful about music’s about everything else in the world, music it’s not about itself, it’s everything else we care about, we think about, we feel...what i get to do is put music on a stage, to describe people’s lives, to describe people’s hope, to describe everything people long to have in this world, which comes in it’s first form...through music

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